“You are an extraordinary person and this was a good experience.  Thanks, again, Janet.” 

--Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Janet quickly performed a thorough market assessment and then presented a comprehensive strategic plan to properly price and fully market my condo.  The result?  My condo sold in weeks, not months, while others, even in my prestigious building, were (and still are) on the market.  I bought right and sold right, all thanks to Janet, who was also my broker when I purchased the apartment.  This was no accident.  Janet is smart, insightful, creative, disciplined and complete.  Janet Owen has earned my highest, unqualified recommendation.  Based on my experience as both a buyer and a seller, you simply cannot do better.”

--Robert Eckert
CEO of Mattel

 “Janet, thank you for the wonderful job you did on my behalf. Your professionalism and attentiveness made the difference in this difficult market. Again thanks for the job well done!”

--William M. Daley

“Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of selling my apartment.  You were savvy, creative, strategic, tenacious and an excellent sales person.  I also appreciated how much you kept me in the loop.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again.”

--Christie Hefner

"Janet, it has been such a pleasure working with you on this project.  Your efficiency and professionalism (and good nature) are so appreciated."

--Steve and Sarah Stratton

"Selling a home is an emotional act, and having the right real estate partner is critical. We decided to have Janet Owen of Berkshire Hathaway lead us down the path. Her preparation was excellent. Gorgeous photographs of our home were taken. An appealing write up and package put together and then a recommendation to allow an article in Crains. We are normally very private people but on Janet’s suggestion, we said yes. The resulting article was all positive and our home was showcased in such a positive light. The next day we received a call and a couple wanted to see our home. And immediately thereafter, made an offer. Janet at each step, gave us superb advice and led us through the process. In the end, we were lucky we had the right real estate partner, a wonderful buyer and a drama free approval process, which led to a remarkably quick co-op board approval and closing. We made the right choice.

--Anne and Steve Deli

“Janet Owen sold two of my major residences in Chicago.  My experience working with her in both of these successful sales was superb.  Matters were well handled from listing to closing with the highest level of professionalism.  Throughout the process communication was excellent and I feel her knowledge and experience was key to successfully positioning and marketing both homes.  I would definitely work with Janet again.”

 --Joseph Nicholas

“It was a pleasure working with you in the sale of our home at 189 East Lake Shore Drive.  You were always the utmost professional and attentive to our concerns.”

--Ellen Costello and Mike Judge

“Janet, you have truly gone beyond what we have expected and it makes us grateful for you.  Your love of what you do shows and we were so fortunateto have you guide us through this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made what could have been a difficult time much easier. We are so glad we found you!  I Googled ‘Best Realtor in Chicago’ and your name popped up.  When you arrived you were so polished and professional.  What immediately impressed me was your self-imposed limit on the number of properties you list, choosing quality over quantity.  You promised good communication and have stuck to that promise.” 

--Joan and Mike Moriarty

“I was introduced to Janet by my friend, Kelly Rosen, and her mother, when I was exploring the sale of my home on Elm Street. In all my experience buying and seeking homes, Janet was the most knowledgeable, most organized and most prepared to help me sell my place.  She knows the Gold Coast exceptionally well and her clientele are all the people we are familiar with.”

--Geoffrey Richards

“Last night was a special night primarily because we were able to tell you and your colleagues how much we care about you and congratulate you on your magnificent year.  Thank you for always exceeding everyone's expectations and being such an important cornerstone of our foundation!!”

--Nancy Nagy
CEO, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago

“The combination of skills and knowledge that Janet brought to the transaction are both far-reaching and priceless. Her insight helped to accurately price my unit at 1300 N. State Parkway and generate an offer in near record time. The rapid succession of events helped minimize carrying costs, and yielded an offer that was well above other comparable within the same building.

“It is often said that the greatest compliment one can pay an individual is a strong referral.  I believe that this is only partially true. Janet not only merits the highest referral, but she is currently listing another property that I own. The reason for the repeat business is simple: I enjoy working with morally grounded, sincere, competent and effective individuals. Janet Owen is all of these.”

 --Conrad von Peterffy

“Along the way, we had the good fortune of meeting you at one of your listings.  Your attention to detail and hard work had impressed us both.  The questions you asked along the way, the ability to focus on what our needs were, the willingness to work within the time constraints of a two career couple and the intelligence to apply what you had determined are, in our opinion, what sets you apart from other real estate agents.  You found the perfect home for us and we love it!”

--Chris Schenk and Karen Seamen

“Thank you so very much for all your hard, hard work with our Hudson property!  You were strategic and focused and we know you really used your best efforts.  So thank you so much for your diligence.”

--Susan Rodgers

“Janet, thank you for the great job you did selling our condo. You are a superb professional!  No one could have given us more sound expert advice and guidance. You have the best resources, the best contacts, and the best follow-up program we have ever seen. And no one works harder at getting to a win/win for all parties.  But, most of all, you are a nice person and a pleasure to work with.” 

--Hank and Diane Feeley

 “When George and I first starting talking about selling our Palmolive condo, we knew that the issues and challenges of the current market required that we find an agent with significant expertise and a mega network as the right listing representation would be critical to a successful process.  With you, Janet, we found all of that and so much more.  You are so very professional, honest and hardworking, and you guided us through all the difficulties and stresses associated with a home listing and sale with thoughtful counsel and supportive advocacy.  It really was the perfect team, and we are so appreciative of your efforts in getting the job done.  We wish you continued success, and all the best.”

--Zana Pimentel

“Thank you for your help and everything you did that truly made the process easy despite us being in another city.  You went above and beyond any reasonable expectations in helping facilitate the sale, the move, and everything else that made this a painless process for us and for that, we are very indebted to you.”

--Asad Kazim

“If you’re contemplating the services of a real estate agent you’re in luck.  Janet Owen is in town.  While it’s nice to hear that Janet is just about the most effective and successful agent in the city, it’s better to have that confirmed by working with her.  She is everything you will need and desire.  She knows the market – what’s on, and often, what’s coming on.  She quickly understands the client’s specs and style, respects their pricing interests in buying and provides comprehensive, factual counsel and strategies in selling a property.  She is extraordinarily thorough, with great anticipation and follow-through.  She’s always available and very responsive.  She is balanced, upbeat, always poised – the consummate professional.  The client’s interests are paramount and well protected. 

While these professional attributes are vital, of perhaps equal importance is that she’s an extremely fine human being – caring, honest, charming, thoughtful and a delight to work with.  Do yourself a financial and emotional favor – engage her in your selling or buying endeavors.”

--Bill Chambers

“Still recall our good fortune at connecting with you for the selling of our Chicago apartment.  You were certainly the best we could have found anytime, but especially in the difficult market at the time.  It was a pleasant experience for us all the way around.  You showed and marketed the home beautifully (I even wanted to buy it!) and brought the transaction to a close seamlessly.  Our best to you and appreciation.”

--Tom and Nancy Hester

“It has been a very challenging real estate market and we were extremely pleased that the unit sold in a reasonable time period and we received our targeted price.  We know that this was no accident.  You are extremely prepared, professional, thorough and efficient.  Your experience was invaluable in assessing the market, correctly positioning the property, laying out an effective strategy in selling the property and quickly putting that plan into action.  We consistently received prompt and accurate feedback as to the progress and status of the sales process.  Lastly, you and your staff were always considerate and very pleasant to work with.  As you know, this is the second time that we have worked with you and we would certainly select you every time we are buying or selling real estate in Chicago.  Additionally, we would highly recommend your services to anyone else who has need for a realtor in Chicago.”

--Jeff and Mary Ann Simoneau

“Congratulations on receiving the Five Star Professional Award.  This special recognition includes less than 3% of agents in the area.  It is great to see the acknowledgement of your exemplary service.”

-- Chuck Goro, Vice President and Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker

“When we recently decided to sell my mother’s home on East Lake Shore Drive, we did not even consider interviewing real estate agents.  From our past experiences working with you, Mom and I knew who would do the best job representing the interests of the Greenwood family.  Now that this transition has closed, our confidence in you has again been confirmed.  From our initial conversations to pricing to the final negotiations with the buyer, you have acted in a most professional and constructive manner.  Getting a great price in a buyers’ market was unexpected and greatly appreciated.”

--Richard A. Greenwood
President, Madison Advisory Group

“Thank you for your efforts in the smooth and rapid sale of my condo.  From the moment I met you, I was encouraged by your professionalism, candor, enthusiasm and knowledge of the market.  I cannot convey how surprised I was with the speed at which you sold my unit at the exact asking price you forecast, especially given the slowdown in sales during winter.  Without hesitation, I would recommend you to anyone I knew that is interested in selling their property, as I found you to be the most experienced salesperson working with the best real estate company in Chicago.”

--Hartwig Zakin

“What a pleasure it was to work with you on the sale of our place at 229 East Lake Shore.  From day one, your professionalism and knowledge were obvious.  The detailed information you provided on like properties both in our building and throughout the area was most helpful in determining a reasonable asking price.  You had numerous showings.  You hosted an open house for other agents to familiarize them with the property.  You ran ads in the paper.  You followed up on leads and worked hard to develop prospects.  When we ran into a slow market period, you kept working and prevented me from getting discouraged.  The promotional literature and virtual tour you created were superb.  When we did get a potential buyer, you cultivated them and managed to close the deal to the satisfaction of everyone.  In sum, it was a real pleasure working with you, and I, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone looking for a realtor.”

--Patrick L. O’Malley, Jr.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you in selling our property at 1921 North Dayton.  You created a great deal of excitement for the property and expertly helped us price the property to fit the current market.  We appreciate your professionalism throughout the entire process allowing the sale of our home to be a pleasurable experience rather than a burden.  While many real estate firms offer discounts and cut rate commissions it is clear to us that the service they provide their clients is also less than adequate.  We feel that we received the best service and real estate advice available.

“We are also very impressed that you limit your listings and do not over burden yourself, we felt that this was important in that it allowed you to focus time on our property.  Tracey and I could not have been more pleased; we loved your enthusiasm, your optimism, your professionalism and your friendship.  We would highly recommend you to anyone we know as the best real estate agent in Chicago.”

--Drs. Kamran and Tracey Hashemi

“Hope and I would like to tell you again how pleased we are with the way you handled the sale of our home on Dayton Street.  We knew we wanted to work with you because of your professionalism and knowledge of the Lincoln Park area that we experienced when we bought the Dayton house and you were representing the seller.  Our grand success with this sale is certainly due to your efforts.  Your knowledge of the market and particularly our price range was very evident in all our pricing and marketing discussions.  In sum, we are very satisfied customers and would recommend your services to others wanting the highest quality service in buying or selling a home.”

--Donald L. Seeley

“Eva and I wanted to take a moment to express to you our heartfelt gratitude for your efforts on our behalf regarding the sale of our apartment.  Your professional approach and complete attention to all details made our entire business relationship simple and straightforward.  Your level headed approach to all appointments, potential buyers as well as the problems inherent in any real estate transaction proved to be the formula needed to complete our deal.  In a slowing market, when problems arise more frequently, it is exceptional to get the constant attention and consideration that you have at all times offered to Eva and myself.  The cooperative apartment market was weaker during our listing period than it has been for some time, but your efforts continued, full speed, throughout.  Closing and moving turned out to be a win-win for everyone.  If there is a negative to the entire process, it was that we no longer have our regular conversations with you regarding the market and strategy going forward.  We miss you.”

--Eva and Gary Quateman 

“Thank you for your commendable efforts on my behalf.  As to the sale of my condominium at 2130 N. Lincoln Park West, you did a superlative job under challenging circumstances.  In our initial meeting, in which I was ‘interviewing’ you prior to selecting a realtor to manage the listing, you were the most prepared of the 3 realtors with whom I met.  You did extensive research on ‘comparables’ and were resourceful in your pricing proposal.  The property needed ‘staging’, in which you were both creative and practical.  Given the fact the building is about 80 years old, it was critical that you have the ability to explain to potential buyers both the difficulties older buildings pose as well as the rewards; you did this well.

Please feel free to share this letter with potential clients.  I would be happy to speak with anyone who reads this letter about you; you may give my telephone number to interested parties.  With sincere thanks and gratitude.”

--Matthew D. Smith